‘Asur’ Gurung Beg For Gorkhaland To Mamata

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Nadia: Theme pandals and theme idols are the tradition of Bengal. Anew theme idol is made in Nadia. The Morcha president has been named as an idol in Durga Puja of Phulia Mithpara Orbind Sangha of Nadia. Here Mamta Banerjee become the Durga to kill the demon.

মমতার পায়ে ধরে গোর্খাল্যান্ড চাইলেন ‘অসুর’ গুরুং

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee stuck state share from Gurung. It is arranged in the Flower Club this way. ‘Biswa Bangla’ is the theme of Phulia’s Mathpara Arobindo Sangha this year.

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The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been modeled as the Durga for some years. In every case, Mamata Banerjee has become the guiding guide for the state’s development. But for the first time in the form of ‘Asura Rupi Gurung Nharini’, the CM of the state has appeared in a Durga Mandi.

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Bimal Gurung has been seen in the stage, sitting on the footpath of Mamata Banerjee. He wants to snatch away Darjeeling from Bengal. But he was unsuccessful to do this and seems like crying.

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In this case, Mamata has appeared in the dome with her flower battalion. In the Mandapi, Saraswati and Kartik models, MPs and MPs have been in the century and the Chief Minister’s nephew Abhishek Bandyopadhyay. In the form of Lakshmi and Ganesh, the model was made by Transport Minister Shuvendu Adhikari and Devshree Rai. The team is not only Mamata, but Mandeepi is the world’s leading woman cricketer Jhulan Goswami.

Artist Shankar Basak mainly tried to portrait the theme which highlighted various government projects of the state government. He hanged one of the placards for each representative state projects in the hands of everyone.

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Various images and models have been made with the daughter-in-law, companion, green companion, safe drive save life. The Chief Minister was shown as goddess Durga as well as the police superintendent of anti-people.

Sunil Basak, deputy speaker of the local Belgharia(I) panchayet, said, “The state’s girl power project has gained popularity in the world, so this issue has been given importance.”

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Shankar Basak said that he made different models throughout the year. “The club has requested me such a theme that I tried to elaborate on that,” He added.