Astronauts Play The Very 1st Badminton Game On Space


Playing a team sport has its own set of challenges. You have to follow the rules, stay energized and maintain coordination.

Sounds insane, right? Why would anybody play a sport in zero gravity?

The day SpaceX launched the most powerful rocket in the world mounted with a mannequin-driven car, a group of American, Japanese and Russian astronauts decided to play a doubles badminton match in space, reports.

People have been sharing videos on the internet, in which the match, first of its kind, looks really interesting.

Now, an interstellar match cannot be played according to Earthly rules, and because of all the modifications, the players decided not to keep score and declare ‘friendship’ as the winner.

But do not think the players took it casually. One of the players, Alexandr Misurkin, said it was equivalent to “putting a flag on Mars”. The game is marvelous, amusing and engaging, all at the same time.