Astrological Analysis Of India For 2017


India’s zodiac sign is Capricorn, which is Makar rashi. She is ruled by her lord Saturn. And Saturn has drishti, means it focuses houses 1, 3 , 7 and 10 from it’s own house.

There are various impacts and effects of Saturn, Mar, Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter and Venus on India. On 26th January 2017 there will be a transit of Saturn from Scorpio to Sagittarius and Sagittarius is the 12th House of the Capricorn and this will bring immense change in the future of the country. Saturn is the Lord for Capricorn and Aquarius.

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The impacts will be on various structure of the country. The total population of the country would be one areas which will change drastically. The socio-economic system will change and this will remain for 2.5 years starting from 26th January 2017.

Initially there would be an negative impact in the socio-economic system and then the development will begin by the help of Raji and Jupiter, which will move to favourable positions. This will start from August 2017.


The improvement in the country will be considering areas such as International exchange of currency value, manufacturing industry, small scale industry, iron industry, IT, labour supply system of the country, administration and the foreign affairs.

There would be shadow wars and diplomacy would be at its peak with the neighboring countries. But India will share a good relation with the UN countries and may get a permanent membership.

Agriculture and cultivation of certain food production will develop while some small scale industries will be abolished. National technology innovation would gain prominence while Medical an Chemical sciences will develop new arenas and processes. A medicine in the field of cancer might be invented. India shall be nominated for some Nobel prizes in these areas. The cultural field would be focussed too and peace awards could be achieved for the deeds of the countrymen.

Sports as a field would develop. And the most interesting fact that comes in the astrological calculation is that, the citizens of India will have direct connections with the Ministry, and this shall be initiated by the PM. A new president shall be elected and this new president will be respected in the world view.

Trade relations will improve with America, England and EU. In the Asian countries, India’s position will be on top and new resources might be invented in the country. West Bengal will gain some importance. India’s arm forces will be noticed and studied by some countries in the world for the technology used and the system as a whole.

Terrorist activities will be high till June 2017. Attacks and panic would spread for while.South India has always been on the map of change and in the coming year some development in new lights would be noticed, especially in Tamil Nadu.

Educational systems will develop and new perspectives will be taken into consideration. In field of health, the citizens need to be aware that many people will suffer from Neurological, Urological, eyesight problems and cases of diabetics. Skin diseases will spread.

Class division will continue and there will be two distinct sections, the richest and the poorest. The Middle class will be divided into two parts, the upper middle class which will merge the richest section while the lower middle class which will merge with the poorest section. Indian automobile industry might suffer loss. Local money lenders will vanish with time but the beginning will be in 2017.

However, the share market will improve after June 2017. Overall a very dynamic year which would change the course of India in many ways. One advise is to be ready for the changes and be prepared to witness an eventful year.