Assassin’s Creed to find place on silver screen

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New York: Take deep breath gamers!!! Your wishes have been granted, Desmond Miles ladylove has been found.  She’s the one who has already battled with Batman in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Marion Cotillard is gearing up for a new action movie.  She will be seen in whole new attire with a hood to cover her face. Believe it or not, Marion is ready for her next role in the film version of Video game ‘Assassin’s creed’.

The 39-year-old French actress will be reuniting with her Macbeth co-star Micheal Fassbender in the forthcoming production of Assassin creed. Although it is still unknown what part Cotillard will be portraying, it is believed to be a major one with hints like, ‘her role is meant to span multiple films.’

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Assassin’s creed is a historical action multiplayer video game where players explore ancestral memories and the fierce rivalry between The Assassins and The knights. The game revolves around bartender Desmond Miles.

The film is set for release on 21 December next year, now all we can say Patience is a virtue, game-lovers!!!!