Assamese Woman Weaves Bhagwat Geeta On Cloth

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Guwahati: Breaking the language barrier, Hemprabha, a weaver from Assam, is weaving Bhagwat Geeta on cloth in English and Sanskirt.

Till now, Hemprabha has weaved 500 verses of Bhagwat Geeta in Sanskrit and a chapter in English.

She started this work last year in December.

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Before this, Hemprabha has weaved six stanza of Sankardev Gunamala on a 17 inch broad and 80 feet long Guna and Muga Silk cloth, which took her nine months to complete.

“After the hard work of nine month, I weaved the Gunamala on cloth. I have been appreciated a lot all over the state for my work. Now I am weaving Bhagwat Geeta in Sanskrit and English language,” she said.

Hemprabha, has ever urged the government for a museum for preservation and display of her work.