Assam NRC Row: Statements Of Assam Intellectuals


Kolkata: The situation has changed completely since the publishing of the draft NRC
list of Assam. 40 lakh people were left out of the list. But the maximum out of these 40 lakh are Bengalis. The BJP government has been accused of publishing such a list for political reasons. The Bengali community living in Silchar are on worried.

Several people living in the Barak valley have been left out from the list. Arunabha Raha Roy talks to some of the people from the valley.

Suman Gupta, Professor, Assam University, Silchar: A lot of people are worried and concerned. People from different communities wish to stay together. We hope that no provocation from outside should disrupt our peace.

Barunjyoti Choudhury, Professor, Assam University, Silchar: Several documents were sent to the other states for verification. But they were not properly verified. This has happened to many of my colleagues. This is a technical fault. I presume that these problems will be rectified in the future.

Satarup Acharya, Social Worker, Silchar: Those whose name were included during the 2014 elections, must be included in the list. Assam is a flood-prone area. Several poor people’s house gets destroyed due to the floods. Important documents also get destroyed. Many people are a victim to this. But this does not mean that they are
not Indian citizens.

Arjun Choudhury, Professor, Gurucharan College, Silchar: 40 lakh people have been left out. I am a Bengali and my name has been included in the list. If my name is there then why should another Bengali’s name be not there? The government has assured that the problem will be resolved soon. But that is just only an assurance. Concerns will remain until and unless the issue is resolved. I think that all the political parties must come together to take a decision.

Edited By: Saheli Dey