Assam NRC Issue: Mamata Meets Sonia At Her Residence


New Delhi: West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress Chief Mamata Banerjee after a ground breaking day with oppositions has reached Indian National Congress (INC) chief Sonia Gandhi’s residence to talk over National Registers Of Citizens issue on Wednesday afternoon.

The federal front issue is worried opposition off the scene to be specifically strategic over Lok Sabha 2019. And alliance in West Bengal going out of reach with the growing time and tussle among TMC-Congress. State congress is highly agitated on Mamata Banerjee running party Trinamool Congress.

But Mamata used to hold a good relation with Sonia Gandhi on their contribution in politics and holding a one-line opinion on the going on politics in India.

Mamata after finishing meeting with Sonia Gandhi expressed a ‘stand alone’ attitude over alliance with Congress in West Bengal.

Federal Front issue is in a sinking condition. So it is just a wait of time.