Assam Killings: TMC Protest Starts With Turning Social Media DP Black


Kolkata: Protesting the brutal killing in Assam, All India Trinamool Congress along with top-brass of party has turned their social media picture black on Friday morning.

The All India Trinamool Congress on this morning has posted that, “In Solidarity, on #ProtestDay to condemn the brutal killings of bengalis by a state ruled by the #BJP, we are turning our Twitte/FB DPs into black. Street protests throughout #Bengal. Please turn your DP black for today.”

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has turned her Display Picture in to black as a mark of protest of killings of five bengali speaking wage workers. She took twitter soon after the incident reported.

Banerjee has condemned the death and expressed deep sorrow to the deceased families. TMC has started protesting allover in West Bengal on Friday morning.

The Member of Lagislative Assembly, Spokesperson Derek O’Brien has also turned his display picture black in protest of the incident.

The protest has started in South 24 Pargana and Hooghly slamming such incident took place BJP ruled state. The