‘Rongin ‘Assam celebrates ‘Rongali Bihu’


Guwahati: As the nation celebrates poila Baishakh, Baisakhi, Assam is all wrapped in the colours of ‘Rongali bihu’. The air is filed with the vibrant and enchanting beats of Dhol, Pepa, Gogona and all types traditional assamese musical instruments.bihu

Bohag Bihu is special in the sense that it is the best time to approach your loved ones amid the traditional bihu dance with a ‘Gamucha’ (a towel symbolizing love and respect). The youths flocked the venues to approach their dear and loved ones.

Bohag Bihu or Rangali Bihu also called Haat Bihu (seven Bihus) is a festival celebrated in the state of Assam and north eastern India, and marks the beginning of the Assamese New Year on April 13th, historically signifying the time of harvest.bihu-children

It unites the population of Assam regardless of their religions or backgrounds and promotes the celebration of diversity. In India it is celebrated seven days after Vishuva Sankranti of the month of Vaisakh or locally ‘Bohag’ (Bhaskar Calendar). The three primary types of Bihu are Rongali Bihu, Kongali Bihu, and Bhogali Bihu. Each festival historically recognizes a different agricultural cycle of the paddy crops. During Rangali Bihu there are 7 pinnacle phases: ‘Chot’, ‘Raati’, ‘Goru’, ‘Manuh’, ‘Kutum’, ‘Mela’ and ‘Chera’.

We the team Kolkata extends our hearty and warm wishes to all our assamesse brethren’s a happy and colourfull ‘Bohag Bihu’.

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