Assam Environmentalist Purnima Devi Wins Green Oscars


Guwahati: Renowned environmentalist Purnima Devi Barman has won the prestigious Whitley Awards, also known as the Green Oscars, for her efforts and campaigns for the conservation of greater adjutant storks.

From last few years, Purnima is continuously campaigning for the conservation of the Greater Adjutant Stork locally known as ‘Haargila’ in Assam. She has been working with the Dadara, Pachariya and Hingimari villages of Kamrup district to save the Greater Adjutant Stork and is associated with Aaranyak, a Guwahati based NGO which works for wildlife conservation.

She regularly visits the villages and organises awareness campaigns relentlessly among the locals, through posters, banners, street plays etc. The total number of this endangered animal in only 1200-1800 in the whole world. In Assam only more than 800 Hargila exist.

Another Indian in the list, Sanjay Gubbi, has won the award for his efforts to reduce deforestation in Karnataka’s tiger corridors. The final result has been announced at a special ceremony on May 18 at the Royal Geographical Society in London. Total 166 conservationists from 66 countries were nominated for Green Oscar in 2017.