Assam Doctor Claims ‘Cure’ For AIDS


Guwahati: Dhani Ram Baruah, the Guwahati-based cardiac surgeon who had hit headlines and was also jailed for 40 days about 18 years ago by transplanting a pig’s heart on a human body, on Wednesday claimed he had discovered “cure” for HIV/AIDS and that he had already “cured” 86 persons in the past seven or eight years.

“I and my team have worked hard for the past 18 years and found the cure for HIV/AIDS by using biological molecules isolated from edible medicinal plants that are available in the Himalayan region. I have named them Baruah Biological Combat Genes which are used as biological missiles to kill the dreaded HIV virus to improve the immune system,” Baruah said.

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He also presented before the media a patient called Bijendra Singh of Rohtak, who, according to Baruah, was tested HIV-positive in 2008, but was now “totally cured” and had recently tested negative. “Singh is among 86 persons whom I have cured of HIV/AIDS in the past eight years,’ Baruah asserted.

The cardiac surgeon who had to face arrest after he had transplanted a pig’s heart on a 32-year old male patient’s body following which the patient survived for seven days in 1997, said he had already written to UNAIDS, WHO and the National Institute of Health (US) about his “success” with HIV/AIDS, and was open to scrutiny.