Ashwin Says His Tweet Has Nothing To Do With TN Politics


Chennai: Ace Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin set Twitter ablaze on Monday with his tweet “To all the youngsters in TN, 234 job opportunities to open up shortly.”  While twitteratis believed it to be a reaction from Ashwin on VK Sasikala who is set to be the next chief minister of Tamil Nadu, the 30-year-old cricketer denied it with another tweet: “Guys please cool it down, it is a job creation drive.

Nothing to do with Politics.#howmuchtwisting.”  Ashwin’s tweet on “234 job opportunities” was retweeted by 2,900 followers and had earned 5,300 likes in about two hours.

Explaining Ashwin’s second tweet on the job creation drive, his manager V Balaji said his tweet had “nothing” to do with politics and that his motive through that tweet was a part of his campaign in creating job opportunities for youngsters.

“Through Brand Ashwin, his cricket institute and Ashwin Foundation, he has created job opportunities for various people. The number 234 has nothing to do with politics. It’s an interesting number and one that is appealing. He has already started the campaign.

“Job opportunities mean…people who are associated with his brand (like me), those working for his ads, foundation and his institute…Ashwin hopes to create more such opportunities for youngsters,” he added.