Ashoka Emblem to Replace Raj Symbol at Rashtrapati Bhavan


New Delhi: The forecourt including the resplendent Jaipur Column will come alive in hues of golden as Rashtrapati Bhavan rolls out the red carpet for the India-Africa summit on Thursday.

Another significant addition to the Presidential palace architecture is placing of the Ashoka emblem on the sides of the main gate. “The British had placed two crowns on either side of the gate as a symbol of dominance of the Empire. After Independence the crown was removed but the space atop was left empty. We will now add the Ashoka emblem there tomorrow,” Thomas Mathew, additional secretary to the President said.

The emblems will be made from gunmetal based on a mould taken from the National Museum. On the occasion of the India-Africa summit, a fibre glass prototype will be placed tomorrow temporarily till the more permanent gun-metal version is ready. The gun-metal urns and lanterns that adorned the main gate have also been repaired for the occasion.

The President’s palace is also using the opportunity to serve “traditional thali” service at an unprecedented scale (for 400 guests). The cuisine will be fusion with famous dishes from various states with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.