Ashok Reign Returns in Mahakuma also


Siliguri: Ashok Bhattacharya’s reign again extends from Siliguri Corporation to the whole Sub-division. In Mahakuma Parishad, the left parties won in 6 seats out of 9. Along-with Naxalbari, Binnaguri, Matigara and others, all vital blocks again have gone in Ashokbabu’s pocket. This local body election was a challenge both to the ruling party and CPM. However TMC leader cum Minister Goutam Dev claims that the defeat is a result of inter-party feud. In the time of left regime Ashokbabu was known as the satrap of “the Gateway of the North-East”. Though he was a looser in Assembly Election, after an interregnum he got his foothold again in his known domain.

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