As Result Progresses, Cong Party Office Turned Mute


Rana Das & Soumen Sil Bengaluru: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) set to win Karnataka after reaching the magic majority mark as per latest Karnataka assembly election result 2018, wresting the southern citadel from the Congress.

But congress show a ray of hope at first when they took early lead in the Karnataka poll results. But after time passes, BJP shows their power and Modi wave sweeps RaGa’s strom in Karnataka.

গণনা শুরুর পরেই ফাঁকা কংগ্রেস দফতর

Congress party office in Bengaluru turned silent and no ministers, leaders were seen in the party office. At first Congress said that they want to roped up with JDS to form goverment but recent trends showed that BJP set for big win in Karnataka.

Congress earlier overwhelmed about their victory. But now Congress set to lose yet another state to BJP as result progresses.