As A Part Of “Sampark For Samarthan” Amit Shah Meets Ramdev


New Delhi: BJP president Amit Shah met yoga guru Ramdev today to seek his support for the 2019 general election, as part of a new “Sampark for Samarthan” campaign.

“I came to Baba Ramdev for his support. He patiently heard everything I had to say, I gave him literature about our work,” Amit Shah told reporters.

“If we get Baba Ramdev’s help, we can reach crores of his followers,” the BJP president added.

Amit Shah said through the “Sampark for Samarthan” or “contact for support” campaign, he and his other leaders have planned to meet 50 personalities who have backed the BJP earlier and give them a report card.

“We are seeking blessings of those who were with us in 2014. We will meet one lakh people and reach at least one crore households,” he said.

Amit Shah has also met former Army chief General Dalbir Suhag, constitutional expert Subhash Kashyap and cricket legend Kapil Dev.

Ramdev, standing by the BJP president, showered praise on the four-year Narendra Modi government.

Ramdev also lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his global outreach. “PM is respected by powerful world leaders. No one is welcomed in foreign lands the way PM Modi receives it,” he said.

“PM’s intention, leadership is taking the country forward,” Ramdev added.

Speaking about the meeting, Shah said as BJP chief, he is meeting all those who helped the party win in 2014 and form government at the Centre.

“We are seeking blessings of those who were with us. We will meet one lakh people and reach at least one crore households,” he said.

Seeking support from the FMCG tycoon and yoga guru, Shah said, “Through baba (Ramdev), we will be able to reach crores of people. He has assured us of his support.”

“As the Modi government completes its four years, we are giving details of the work done in this period. Those who supported us in the past, we need to tell them what we have done in the past four years. We wish to seek their support in the future also,” he said.

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