Arvind Kejriwal Visits Gurdwara At Midnight Without Security


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal “amazed” hundreds of worshippers when he and his wife turned up by themselves at a prominent gurdwara in Delhi on Monday midnight, AAP lawmaker Jarnail Singh said.

Mr Kejriwal along with his wife, Sunita, visited Rakab Ganj Gurdwara near Parliament without security to take part in Rehansabhi Kirtan, which goes on throughout the night, and stayed there for 45 minutes, he said.

“Kejriwal and his wife stood in line for 15-20 minutes for ‘Matha Tekna’ (paying obeisance) and then listened (to) Gurbaani as an ordinary disciple. No announcement of his presence was made and even no designated place was secured for his sitting. Sangat (the congregation) was amazed with his simplicity,” Mr Singh wrote on his Facebook page.

“Kejriwal sat along with everyone else without security. He was presented with gurmat literature outside the Bhai Lakhi Shah Vanjars Hall,” he said, adding Mr Kejriwal has expressed his wish to attend the Kirtan, a day before his sudden visit.

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