Artists Giving Sick Kids Incredible Tattoos IS A huge Internet Hit


Wellington: An airbrushing artist is giving sick children something to smile about by inking them up with fake tattoos.

Benjamin Lloyd, based near Auckland on New Zealand’s south island, shared pictures on social media of the ‘tattoo’ he gave to a friend’s young son.

The fake ink was custom design featuring skulls and roses, with the young boy seen smiling as he got his artwork.

After sharing the shots and video online, Mr Lloyd wrote: ’50 likes and i’ll go to Starship Hospital and tat (sic) all the kids up’.

The next morning, he woke up to almost 400,000 likes, and just under 10,000 comments.

‘Well it looks like i’m off to starship,’ he posted.

Mr Lloyd said he has given a number of children the airbrushed artwork to ‘boost their confidence’.

‘The kids are so amazed. As soon as they get the tattoo it boosts their confidence,’ he told the NZ Herald.

The young artist said he uses a custom, non-toxic ink that can be washed off in the shower to create his tattoos.

Each tattoo takes about nine minutes to complete.

Incredibly, Mr Lloyd was inspired to help young children with his airbrushing due to the bullying he received in school for a burn he had on his hand.

‘I was teased every day at school and so I would draw over my hand and up my sleeve,’ he told Stuff NZ.

‘I just got better and better, eventually I had a line up of people wanting me to draw on them, I was doing deals with kids swapping cards and marbles.’

Mr Lloyd’s posts quickly went viral online, with thousands of people commenting on them.

Beautiful ink for kids. I love that you do this and all the kids look so happy… keep being a fantastic human,’ one woman wrote.

‘That’s so incredibly kind hearted of you. Amazing to see someone do caring and selfless,’ Amber Gollagher said.

‘Love love love this. From a parent who spent 6 months with my son before he passed. This is a great thing you do,’ Nancy Hayne wrote.

Daily Mail Australia contacted Mr Lloyd for comment. His artwork can be seen here.

Daily Mail