Arrested Pak Spy Passed On Indian Military Info To ISI For 3 Yrs


Jaipur: Suspected Pakistan spy Haji Khan had been passing on defence-related information to the ISI and two other agencies for the past three years, his interrogators said on Tuesday.

According to intelligence sources, Khan, who was caught in a joint operation of Army Intelligence and the CID from Kishangarh on Saturday, has also visited Pakistan by Thar Express five times in these three years.

“Khan’s wife has been living in Pakistan’s Rahimyarkhan and in return of providing important strategic information to the ISI and other agencies, her account was credited with Rs. 15 lakh during this period,” a source said.

He told the agencies his brother Jumme Khan, who also lives in Rahimyarkhan, had been caught by the ISI and in return of his release, the ISI forced him to make the defence-related information available to it.

According to the sources, for the past three years of his activity, Khan has shared various information pertaining to border activities of the army, air force and the BSF in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Barmer’s Utarlai air base and Gandhinagar.

Khan had been using four SIM cards from Pakistan to pass on the information to his handlers there but during apprehension by the intelligence agencies, he managed to erase all the data from his cell phone, which the agencies have been trying to recover, they said.

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