Arnab Goswami Slapped With Defamation Suit By Karnataka Minister


Karnataka: Bengaluru Development Minister K.J. George has filed a criminal defamation case against Arnab Goswami and Times Now. The accusations include “making defamatory statements against Mr George and accusing him of having a hand in the death of IAS officer DK Ravi in March 2015”.

Arnab was then editor-in-chief of Times Now channel.

George’s lawyer Ajeesh Kumar Shankar confirmed that the criminal defamation suit was filed before the  Additional District Magistrate Court on Wednesday. He said that a civil defamation case demands compensation for the damages his client incurred due to the “false and malicious campaign on the news channel without any evidence.”

“A day after the death of Mr Ravi on March 16, 2015, Goswami ran a false and malicious campaign between March 17 and 23 on his Prime Time Show on Times Now, making defamatory allegation against Mr George, accusing him of having a hand in death of Ravi, destroying evidence and also accusing him of supporting some business groups who he said might benefit from Ravi’s death. All this without proper investigation and just sitting at the comfort of his chair in Mumbai he went all out to make false accusations without any evidence to substantiate them. This has hurt my client’s reputation, who is a respected politician,” he said.

Kumar said that the complaint quotes 46 statements aired on Times Now between March 17 and 23, 2015.  He said that his client waited for the inquiry conducted by both CID and CBI to conclude before filing the suit.

The court has asked Mr George to submit his sworn statement on August 19.