Army To Use Double Humped Camel For Transport At Border


Jammu: The Indian Army is set to use double-humped camels in the harsh terrain surrounding the the Line of Actual Control reports mail today.

The LAC between India and China is spread over hundreds of kilometers, which needs lots of courage to survive in the extreme and volatile atmospheric conditions with very less oxygen in these places.

Animals, however, had always been friends to the jawans and the common people in such situations. On LAC with China in Ladakh, animals like ponies, camel, yak and donkey are generally used as such harsh, hostile and rugged terrains make mechanical transportation difficult.

Among them, the camel has a special advantages over other animals on power, stamina, and endurance. These double humped camels carry 250kg load, 5 times more than traditional pony.

They will not only help Indian army in transportation of logistics but even for carrying weaponry. The DIHAR (Defence Institute of High Altitude Research) in Leh-Ladakh has been working on projects on utilisation of pack animals, their health, nutrition and training so that these animals could serve the defence forces.