Army to Conduct Multinational Military Exercise in Mar

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New Delhi: For the first time, the Indian Army would be conducting one of the largest multi-national military exercises in Pune in March which will see participation of 18 ASEAN Plus countries.

The field training exercise, code named ‘Exercise Force 18’, will see participation of over 360 personnel and its theme will be based on humanitarian mine action and peace keeping operations. It will give the Army an opportunity to showcase, learn and share the best fields with friendly foreign countries.

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Over 75 members from the ASEAN Plus countries and defence attaches are currently in Pune attending the three days of the Final Planning Conference.The exercise is a concerted effort towards constructive joint efforts of militaries of the region to enhance the peace and security of the region.

The conduct of multinational exercise by India would give correct perspective of the peacekeeping operations and humanitarian mine action so that we achieve common understanding in handling any complex situation, a statement by the Army said.