Army Pays Tribute To Bengal Brave Heart Major Nisheet Dogra


Siliguri: Wreath-laying ceremony of Army officer Major Nisheet Dogra in Bengdubi, Bagdogra. From here, the mortal remains will be taken to his native place Noida. He lost his life in a snow blizzard in North Sikkim while going for deployment in a tank regiment on 9 Feb.

Indian Army officer Major Nisheet Dogra passed away after being trapped under nearly six feet of snow in north Sikkim. As per the Army, there was unprecedented snowfall and high winds resulting in blizzard-like conditions in north Sikkim on Saturday. It was discovered that Major Dogra was missing, following which a search was launched to locate the officer.

“After an intense search, at about 10 pm, the search party located Maj Nisheet Dogra who was trapped under five to six feet of snow. The officer was given immediate medical aid. However, around midnight, the brave heart lost the battle of life and attained martyrdom in the line of duty,” read an official statement on Sunday.