Army Introduces Safer ‘Ballistic Helmets’


New Delhi: The Indian Army on Friday introduced light weight ‘ballistic helmets’ to help soldiers fight better wars, as it helps in the quick movement while providing better safety.

These can also save soldiers from bullets up to 9 mm fired from as close as 20 meters. The army has said that it is going to issue these to soldiers deployed on the Line of Control (LoC), Line of Actual Control (LAC) and to personnel involved in the counter insurgency, and counter terrorism operations.

The manufacturer of these helmets is MKU India Pvt Ltd. A total of 7500 helmets has been received in the first lot, out of which, 2500 have been issued to soldiers on United Nations deployment. In addition, further 6000 helmets are undergoing ballistic tests, an Army statement said.

In the first lot, total procurement of 1,58, 279 of these helmets will be done for the use of the Indian Army, Navy and UN soldiers. These will be of two types, normal ballistic helmets and the command ballistic helmets. The command helmets will be compatible to put the hands free communication set.

The old helmets did not have such facility and protection. The Navy will get 13, 981 ballistic helmets out of the total requisition. Ballistic proofing is being done at the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL).

Thirty thousand helmets will be received by September this year and entire procurement will be acquired in two years. In total there is a requirement of 3, 28, 214 helmets.