Army In Action To Control The Bagri Market Fire


Kolkata: Devastating fire in the city even after several hours the Bagri market fire couldn’t be brought in control. In this situation, the Indian army has reached the spot to bring the situation under control. Right now the army officers are thoroughly observing the whole market. They will soon get into action once they get the green signal.

Meanwhile, the army officers have reached along with all the advanced equipment. The army is expected to be put in action where the fire officials can’t reach. However, the army is taking a glance of the building before they come in action.

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Ten hours has past since the Bagi market is on blaze but still the fire officials were unable to control the the fire of Bagri market. In some parts of the building the fire has spread intensely. And the situation is becoming more dangerous as the inflammable material is stored in the market. As a result, Indian soldiers were called for quick rescue after the incident. Eventually, the army has entered the devastated area of the Bagri market.

The fire broke out at 2.45 am on Sunday. And the inferno started spreading gradually. Traders who earned their bread from this market witnessed the devastation with teary eyes. After several hours the fire could not be extinguished. The firefighters failed to control the fire. As a result, commoners were enraged, they wanted the army to take the responsibility to extinguish the fire.

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A couple of days ago the army played a vital role in the rescue operation of the Majerhat bridge tragedy. In any calamity, tragic incident or emergency situation the army is considered to be the savior. Before the biggest fiesta of the state traders faces a huge loss after this tragic incident. After the fire broke out in the wee hours today, rescue operation could not take place on time. Even after six hours was past fire officials were unable to enter the building to find out the main source where the fire first broke out.
Therefore, it is uncertain when the fire come under control. Local residents said that the fire spread quickly due to inflammable goods inside the market. The intensity of the fire is so much that dark smokes covered the area.

Reported By: Soyeta Bhattacharya
Edited By: Mousumi Das