Army Hospitals In Kolkata To Provide Organ Transplant Facility Soon


Kolkata: The organ transplant programme of army hospitals is set to get a boost. Two more army hospitals – Lucknow and Kolkata will now conduct organ transplants.

The director general of medical services (Army) Lt Gen Velu Nair in an exclusive chat with Hindustan Times shared the progress made in the army’s 99 field hospitals and 111 peace hospitals so far, as well as the regional issues that guide development of field hospitals.

“We have the Armed Forces Organ Retrieval and Transplantation Authority (AORTA) under which organ transplants are being conducted at New Delhi and Pune. The next in line are Lucknow and Kolkata hospitals, where this facility is set to come up,” said Lt Gen Velu Nair, who was in Lucknow on Wednesday.

Under the programme, organs can be retrieved from any place and are brought to army hospitals that have the transplant facility. Kidney, liver, heart and bone marrow transplant services are provided as part of AORTA.

Speaking about the changing medical needs of the army, Lt Gen Velu Nair said, “Warfare has changed. Today, we have insurgency and guerrilla warfare, so, we develop field hospitals according to regional needs. In J&K, we get more cases of bullet injuries, therefore, the facility there is such that any kind of bullet injury can be ably attended to.”

The army hospital in Guwahati has been developed keeping in view the insurgency in the region, he said , adding, “We review the situation every six months and make changes to add services, infrastructure and equipment.”

High altitude medicine or medicine for desert area and other regional issues remain under constant review, he said. “The latest advancements in medicine and medical research are our focus areas.”

Speaking about foreign missions and overseas collaborations, Lt Gen Velu Nair said, “The army helps countries such as Tajikistan, Bhutan and Maldives in running their hospitals. This has generated goodwill for India.”

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