Army Games 2017: Indian Military Team Arrives In Russsia


Moscow: More than 1,200 military from 22 countries Including Indian Military have already arrived in Russia to begin preparations for the Army Games 2017 competitions, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

কাউন্ট-ডাউন শুরু! কোডিয়াক দ্বীপে আবারও মিসাইল পরীক্ষা তোড়জোড় শুরু

The teams from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, India, China, South Africa and other countries have arrived at the sites of Tank Biathlon, Military Medical Relay Race, Army Scout Masters and Field Kitchen competitions and have started preparing for the games, the ministry’s press service said in a statement.

চিন সীমান্তে থাকা আইটিবিপির প্যারাট্রুপারদের ট্রেনিং সত্যিই বুকে ভয় ধরানোর মতো!

The annual military International Army Games-2017 are set to be held on July 28 — August 12 in Russia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China. The contests include competitions among tank crews, snipers, air and seaborne practices, as well as medical, scout and other contests. The first Army Games were held in 2015 on the initiative of the Russian defense minister.