Army Disposes 4 Mortar Shells Found In Siliguri


Siliguri: The mortar shells found near the Indo-Bangladesh border near Siliguri were successfully disposed of by the Army by exploding them in a controlled environment on Friday.

Four mortar shells were sighted at Chaathaat Nitbari on the Indo-Bangladesh border area near Siliguri on Thursday morning. The shells were lying in the shallow waters of the Teesta Mahananda Link Canal. The administration had requested help from the Army for neutralizing the threat.

The area was cleared before neutralizing the shells. The canal bed around the shells (which is nearly dry at present) was dug up. The shells were covered with sacks. All the four mortars were made to explode together. Smoke and mud could be seen from far away.

However, some splinters made holes in the tin roofs of the nearby houses. “The shells have been neutralised by exploding them in a controlled environment. There is no more threat,” stated an army personnel.

Police conducted search operations in the area investigating into how the shells landed up in this area. Read This – Nip in the air, mercury dips to 17.90 Celsius Incidentally, the locals had spotted the shells on Thursday morning.

As news spread a large crowd gathered on the spot. Police rushed in from Pahansidewa police station. The CID Bomb Squad and Fire Brigade were also called in from Siliguri. The BSF officers also arrived. Rumors did the rounds that the shells were tied to the bridge on the canal. Others claimed that some kids were seen playing with the shells.

A civic police spotted kids playing with the shells and asked them to throw them in the canal and then informed the police. Currently, dredging work is being undertaken at the Teesta Canal. Owing to this, the Lock Gates of the Mahananda Canal at Fulbari have been closed rendering the Teesta Mahananda Link Canal nearly dry.