Army Defuse IED on Jammu-Poonch Highway


Jammu: Army jawans on Sunday averted a major tragedy as they defused an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) loaded with 5kg of explosives that was planted under a bridge on the Jammu-Poonch highway.

An area domination patrol of Rastriya Rifles (RR) found a pressure cooker IED fitted with explosives under the Sakhi Maidan bridge in Poonch district, a defence spokesman said.

Traffic was halted on the road and a bomb disposal squad was called which defused the IED, averting a major tragedy and saving the bridge, the spokesman said.

Vapour analysis of the bomb indicated that it was fitted with 5kg of TNT explosives, he said, adding that robots were used to remove the bomb from under the bridge and carry it to a distant area for defusing it.