Arjun Kapoor Slams Hindi Daily For ‘Insensitive’ Headline


Mumbai: Bollywood actors are constantly in the public eye with almost each and every facet of their lives being dissected, reported and even opined upon at all times by media organisations and the paparazzi, sometimes even ruthlessly, which could lead to certain lines being crossed. One such instance was raised by actor Arjun Kapoor, who took to Twitter to share his disappointment regarding a headline that a Hindi daily published in an article online.

The headline read, “To isliye Arjun Kapoor ko chhor kar chali gai unki ‘maa’ (This is why Arjun Kapoor’s ‘mother” left him)” angered the actor, who tweeted that he generally doesn’t react to what’s written about him but found the headline highly insensitive. “I don’t normally react to what’s written about me but for a man who’s lost his mother I find this headline highly distasteful & insensitive”.

The daily, however, responded that the story was, in fact, about his on-screen mother Amrita Singh and not his real mother. “Story refers 2 @arjunk26 On-Screen ‘Maa’ & not real mother. ‘Maa’ is in Inverted commas. Pl read the complete story. Sorry for ur loss, but story hs nothing 2 do with it. We’re responsible media organisation & dont indulge in insensitive reporting,” they replied on the tweet.

The report had mentioned that Kapoor’s on-screen mother in ‘2 States’ Singh who was going to be his mother in his next film ‘Mubarakan’ had quit the movie because of unavailability of dates.

However, people have been supporting Kapoor’s objection to the headline being wrongly worded. Kapoor’s tweet went viral on social media and Twitterati is in full support of the actor. “This is absolutely infuriating. These insensitive idiots have no heart. Stay strong brother,” wrote a user. “Why are such people even allowed to write on a public medium. This is just so sad,” wrote rapper and singer Badsha.