Arjun Is Bahubali, Who Will Beat Him: Dinesh Trivedi


Barrackpore: Barrackpore Lok Sabha constituency is marred by clashes since Monday morning. But TMC candidate Dinesh Trivedi has something else to say on the  matter.

He compared Arjun Singh to ‘Bahubali’ and said that because of that there was no question of beating him.

Somewhere there were allegations of not allowing opposition agent to sit, rigging at some other place or trying to terrorise common people. All the allegations are against the TMC party.

The BJP agent was allegedly stopped from sitting in the booth of Mohanpur in Barrackpore Lok Sabha. When BJP candidate Arjun Singh rushed to the area, he got himself engaged in a brawl with the police. He got injured in the brawl and was bleeding from his nose. The Election Commission has sought a report on it.

However, on this incident, Trivedi said, “He himself is a Bahubali. Who will beat him? Everything is recorded in the camera. Take the picture of where fake voting is going on and file a complaint at the commission.”