Arjun Held Secret Meeting In TMC MLA’s House


Barrackpore: BJP leader Arjun Singh went to Sunil Singh’s house in Noapara on Thursday. Not only that, he held meeting with BJP leaders in his house.

BJP on Wednesday held a public meeting in front of Garulia municipality in Noapara. Arjun Singh was present in the public meeting. His nephew Sunil Singh’s son Aditya Singh was also present in the meeting.

Sunil Singh’s house is located near the meeting where it was held. Arjun Singh reached Sunil Singh’s house after the meeting. Arjun Singh said, “I came to my sister’s house. Naveen Aditya is the active worker of our team. I met him there and have had some political discussions. Though there are people in politics, personal relationships are in different places.

Aditya said that, “I believe in maternal uncle’s political ideology. Uncle came to met with me. The father was very busy, not at home. My Father’s ideology is different, my ideology different. I am bound to win the BJP. “

Aditya, a former youth leader of Trinamool Congress, left the party with his followers and supporters just a few days ago and joined the BJP. Sunil Singh is the grassroots legislator of Noapara. Then speculation is made that Sunil Singh will soon join the BJP. Sunil Singh dismisses the rumors.

In the presence of Trinamool candidate Dinesh Trivedi in Barrackpore, the state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee attacked BJP. Trinamool legislator Sunil Singh has been seen in the meeting with the Chief Minister. According to sources, on Wednesday Sarita Singh inquired about the health of Arjun Singh and advised to take care of the health. .