Areas Of Khidirpur, Metiabruj & Gardenrich Still Untouched By Police


Kolkata: We know there are few places which are out of everyone’s reach, some places have dark mysteries behind them. Such places are also in Bengal which has left common man in curiosity about its dark mystery. The places like Khidirpur, Gardenrich and Metiabruj of Bengal are some of the place where Kolkata police cannot enter. Here lies the question – Why Lalbazaar don’t get the permission to set any mission there? Is this place out of the reach of Bengal Jurisdiction? Why is Kolkata police scared of entering these places? Does none of any ruling party of Bengal as of now is interested to agitate the minority community? This is why Lalbazaar is facing intense criticism in Calcutta High Court. Just like the Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court, similar question is also in common man’s mind now.

A teenage girl has been abducted and confined in a minority area of Kolkata. Even, after knowing the details of the accused Kolkata police is not going for her rescue. Such allegations have been raised against the Kolkata Police. The accuser, father of the abducted teenager Binod Das is an employee of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Reportedly, the incident took place on June 2018 when the girl was supposed to appear for Madhyamik (secondary) examination. On 9th June 2018 suddenly the girl goes missing. It is said that the girl lived at her maternal aunt’s place in Mehar Manzil area of Gardenrich after her mother passed away. Since then she goes missing.

On June 10th Binod Das came to know that her daughter is in Metiabruj. A local youth Mintu and his father Kurban Ali have forcibly detained his daughter. A written complaint was filed against the accused in Gardnerich police station by Binod Das. Not getting any cooperation from the Gardenrich police he was went to Lalbazaar but his plead went to the deaf ears. Finally he knocks the court’s door for her daughter’s rescue.Das has filed a case in Calcutta High Court against the insensitivity of police.

The Calcutta High Court became concerned about such allegations. Das’s lawyer informed the court that police didn’t take any action even after being aware of the details. Despite repeatedly urging the police for the last eight months that the girl had been confined by the accused forcibly, there was no response from their end. The lawyer also added that, police allegedly said that they can’t run any operation in Metiabruj area.

The Calcutta High Court was stunned after hearing such serious accusations. Although the public prosecutor tried to object the allegations , but it couldn’t take any stand before Justice Debangshu Basak. The court has ordered to rescue the teenage girl immediately. Justice Debangshu Basak has also ordered to form a special team led by the Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) and to run an operation for the rescue of the teenage daughter of Binod Das.

Well, somewhere down the line the question still remains in the common man’s mind that why Kolkata police cannot carry any operation in these areas of Khidirpur, Gardenrich and Metiabruj? Is the fear of losing the minority votes every ruling party don’t allow to carry any operation in these areas where minority community dwells?

A police officer (name withheld) of the Gardenrich police station said that if to carry any operation in such minority areas they have to take the permission from Lalbazaar. And Lalabazar has to get permission from the state administration. As the state administration doesn’t allow to carry any operation in these minority areas so they cannot take any action against them. Not only in the reign of the Trinamool government, but also during the Left-Front reign also, there are no evidences which could prove that police have carried any operation to nab the miscreants in these areas.

Earlier, several police officials were attacked by the miscreants during operations. The on March 18, 1984, day after Holi, the murder of DC port Vinod Mehta in the dock area still gives chills to everyone. Police officials were also attacked during carrying several operations in Khidirpur Fancy market. Many times some Sales and Excise officials were also attacked.

Kolkata has witnessed the murder of underworld don Uday Singh in 1997, these areas of Metiabruj and Khidirpur saw the worst day then, the situation was like somebody has played blood holi. Apart from these two incident there are many more incidents in thelist. Everyone is well aware of the crime that takes place in these areas.

খিদিরপুর গার্ডেনরিচ মেটিয়াবুরুজে আজও ঢুকতে পারে না কলকাতা পুলিশ

Because of these reasons, Khidirpur-Metiaburuz-Gardenrich are still a very different area. According to the police these are the dwelling places of the miscreants . There is no surveillance here. So the police and the state administration are quite reluctant about any cases those are related to these palces. But Why? The question still remains.

A picture of two Bengal can be seen through this, where the law and order varies. People were well aware of the fact but no one has raise their voice for this.The Calcutta High Court’s verdict has broght this issue into everyone’s notice now. The state administration is in extreme shame after the verdict by Justice Debangshu Basak.But who is in shame the administration or the police?

Reported by: Manab Guha

Edited By: Mousumi Das