Archana Palangdar Murder Case: Lover Body Recovered From Nonadanga


Kolkata: Several layers are being unveiled in Archana Palangdar murder case with due time. Archana Palangdar’s lover, Balaram’s body has been recovered from Nonadanga canal near Ruby in South Kolkata.

He was a resident of Jharkhand. As per the statement of the arrested hotel worker Ashish Yadav, Balaram was the lover of Archana Palangdar. Fresh turns added after the interrogation to him. It came out in his statement that Balaram was present in the hotel room on September 20 and he had a relation with Archana. Dispute over anything turned into an argument which caused the murder. Then he commits suicide. Interrogating Ashish Yadav, police get to know that his body is in Nonadanga. Police has informed the wife of Balaram who lives in Jharkhand after identifying the body.

With the developing investigation, many questions are hitting the ground. If Ashish Yadav was aware of everything, Why did not he inform the police. ? Why did he escaped in Jharkhand ? Secondly, How Ashish knows about the suicide incident ? Who have moved the body from hotel room. Thirdly, Where the body has been cloaked the body and How Ashish knows that ?

Bidhannagar Housewife Murder Case: Boyfriend Arrested From Jharkhand

Suspecting the incident a murder, police has sent Balaram’s body for autopsy. On September 21, police recovered the body of a housewife from Bidhannagar, The corpse of the woman was recovered from the western canal in Anandapur police station area after a pump house staffs noticed that there was a body dumped inside a plastic bag and they informed the police. According to the police, the deceased’s age was between 26 years to 28 years.

The police started investigation after the body was sent for autopsy. Police officials said they received initial reports that proves that the woman was strangled to death. The Homicide branch of the Kolkata Police had also started the investigation. The autopsy report also revealed that she was killed by strangling. Investigators questioned her husband Pintu Palangdar and found that Archana was in contact with two persons.

Among these two persons one of them was from Jharkhand with whom Archana’s relationship developed through Facebook, said the investigators. The investigators started their mission to nab Ashis since then and finally arrested him form Jharkhand. He will be brought to Kolkata on transit remand. Further inquiry will be followed after then.