Ara Alam, The Muslim Woman, Carving Shiva Lingams For 17 Years

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Lucknow: India is a nation of many cultures and many religions. Yet, despite the differences, people say we are the same. Cynics believe that ‘hum sab ek hai’ is a cliche, and have thousands of examples to back why everyone is different.

Yet, there are those who want us to believe that there is hope for humanity. Varanasi resident Alam Ara has been making Shiva Lingams for the past 17 years.

Ara, who is one of millions of Muslim artisans in India, says, “It is a God-gifted art and we make the lingam with love.”

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On asked by ANI whether her religion has come in the way, she said, “This is our daily bread. When it comes to our art, we aren’t Hindus or Muslims. We’re Indians first and always.”
And that’s why there is hope.