Apple’s New Technology To Charge Future iPhones Over Wi-Fi


California: Apple seems to be working on new ways to charge iPhones and iPads wirelessly without using the signals emitted by radio frequencies such as Wi-Fi.

The company recently filed a patent that will allow users to charge their iPhones and iPad without physically plugging the cable. The new way proposes directing the electromagnetic frequencies, normally used for data transmission, towards device as a “beam” of energy. Apple has been working on new ways to charge its devices for a long time now. It first filled a patent to wirelessly charge the iMac at a distance of on metre back in 2010.

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Apple was also reportedly working with partners to develop this system for mobile devices. It was said to feature with the iPhone as early as 2017. If the rumours are to be believed, Apple will introduce the technology with its tenth anniversary iPhone, slated to launch in September this year. The company has also roped in an industry group called the Wireless Power Consortium in February.

There are claims that indicate that Apple might not introduce the short-range “inductive” wireless charging seen on the Apple Watch and its rival Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8. Instead, it will only introduce the technology when it had developed a log-range system.
There are rumours floating that the next iPhone will feature a “inductive charging station”. The smartphone is also rumoured to come with a glass case that could support the feature.

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