Apple Series 3 LTE Model To Last One Hour Over Calls, No Roaming


California: The Apple Watch Series 3 is a major leap forward for smart watches and make them relevant as an accessory.

During the Apple Keynote, Apple mentioned all the things the new watch can do, including making calls and track your fitness regime. However, they never mentioned how much toll all the new additions would take on the battery life.

If you were a prospective buyer, you can now take your decision a bit easier as we have the battery life figures for the Apple Watch Series 3. If you are going for the Apple Watch 3 for its LTE calling facilities, you would be out of luck in India as Apple is bringing only the GPS model to our shores.

Even if you managed to get LTE model in India, you would only be able to talk through it for an hour only before you are looking for the nearest socket. If you connect it to your iPhone, the battery stamina will improve to three hours before it dies. We doubt that an average Watch Series 3 user will be able to talk continuously for an hour over it.

The highest number that Apple could achieve with the Watch Series 3’s stamina was 18 hours, with no connection to LTE or even an iPhone. Apple could achieve up to 10 hours audio playback with LTE and GPS enables, 4 hours of outdoor workout with GPS and LTE and 10 hours of indoor workout in airplane mode.

As for charging times, Apple claims that the Watch Series 3 will charge to 80 percent in 1.5 hours and a full charge will take two hours. Also, the CPU is 1.7 times faster than the Watch Series 2. The new model will also not support roaming in LTE mode, which actually defeats the purpose of the smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS only variant will be available in India for a starting price of Rs 29,990 with a simple sports band.