App launched to suggest dating tips


New Delhi: In a bid to empower single Indian females looking for a serious relationship, to find the right partner, the first women centric app Matchify has launched a successful campaign to understand the challenges that women face while dating men.The leg of this series dubbed #HasThisHappenedToYou, launched on Twitter, drew over 5,000 interesting responses from women.

Matchify, which has 2,50,000 downloads, understands that women experience too many things in the digital space especially from strangers, which obviously makes them uncomfortable. The campaign is an attempt to get women to open up about it and let the world know about their concerns.

Kaushik Tiwari, Head of Marketing, which incubated Matchify, said that it turned out to be very interesting in understanding what women of today face and how they react to different situations in their life when dating men.

He added that Matchify app is women-centric and hence, understanding the problems and challenges a woman faces is of utmost importance at all times to enable us to provide safe and reliable options.

Sai Chithra, Business Head, said that some of the cool women-centric features of Matchify are ‘Anonymous chat’ that actually helps women initiate a chat in “Mask me” mode where the photo and complete profile details are kept anonymous. Only when they are comfortable, they can choose to reveal the identity.

However, as a product feature, women can initiate a chat directly with anyone (either anonymous or normal) while men can initiate a chat only in case of mutual like, added Chithra.

Chithra noted that the other feature ‘React’ helps women know if the profile picture uploaded is genuine or not by letting women ask men to upload instant “selfies” while on a chat

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