Apollo Kidney Racket: Senior Doctor’s Assistant Arrested


New Delhi:  A week after the illegal kidney racket came to light, the Delhi Police on Sunday arrested the personal assistant (PA) of a senior Apollo hospital nephrologist, who played a pivotal role in carrying out illegal transplants. Over 12 people have been arrested so far in the case.

The doctor’s assistant, Saxena was arrested following revelations made by the alleged racket’s kingpin Rajkumar Rao, who was arrested earlier this week from Kolkata. Police sources say Mr Rao, posing as a medical representative, visited the hospital in 2015 and met several nephrologists and their office staff. He lured Mr Saxena and used him to reach out to the assistants of other doctors.

Mr Rao, who worked under a doctor in Kolkata, is said to have carried out illegal transplants in Coimbatore and Jalandhar as well, police sources have revealed. On Monday, five people were arrested for allegedly tricking poor people into selling their kidneys. One of them, Satya Prakash, had allegedly sold his kidney for money and later helped the gang identify other people who would be willing.

However, no doctor has either been arrested or even quizzed in the case so far. The doctor who performed most of the five illegal transplants is said to be out of the country. While Apollo hospital refused to comment on other doctors named in the investigation, top Delhi Police sources have told NDTV that there is a possibility Rajkumar Rao was working at a far higher scale, involving even senior doctors. The Delhi Police fear Mr Rao might just turn out to be a small fish in the racket.