Anyone Who Criticises Govt Is Called Anti-National: Shabana Azmi


Indore: Renowned actor Shabana Azmi said in Indore on Saturday that these days anyone who criticizes the government is dubbed as anti-national.

There is nothing wrong with talking about the shortcomings of one’s country because it leads to progress, she said.

Azmi was addressing a gathering after she was feted with `Kunti Mathur Award’ instituted by the Anandmohan Mathur Charitable Trust for her work for women.

“In the interest of our country, it is necessary that we also point out its shortcomings. If we do not point out the flaws, how would the conditions improve?” she asked.

“But the atmosphere now is such that if you criticize,especially the government, you are immediately branded as anti-national.

“We should not be afraid of this. Nobody needs their certificate,” Azmi said, without naming any political party or ideology.

“We have grown up in `Ganga-Jamni’ (composite) culture. We should not kneel before this situation. India is a beautiful country. Any attempt to divide people can not be good for this country,” the actor added.

Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh was also present at the event.