‘Justice Will Be Done’, Mamata Assures Aabesh’s Family


Kolkata: The family of Aabesh DasGupta met with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday seeking for justice over the mysterious death of Aabesh.

Rimjhim Dasgupta, Aabesh’s mother said after meeting Chief Minister that Mamata Banerjee has assured justice to be meted out to Aabesh’s family. She said that Mamata Banerjee assured her of proper and rightful investigation. She assured that the truth would be found out and revealed.

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Mamata Banerjee said that she would herself see that the truth comes out and those proved guilty are punished. Even if the convicts are juvenile, they would be punished as per the law. Mamata Banerjee also mentioned that she was not present during the time of the incident but she had sent her message to be conveyed to Aabesh’s family.

Rimjhim requested to the Chief Minister today to see into the matter personally. Mamata Banerjee said that, “If anyone is proved guilty will be punished.” She requested Aabesh’s family to believe and keep their faith in the Kolkata Police. The truth would come out. Mamata Banerjee even assured that no one influential could influence the case. Rimjhim Dasgupta said that she has complete faith in the system after the Chief Minister assured her of justice.

Kolkata Police on Thursday ruled out the murder theory in the Abesh Dasgupta death case and said the 17-year-old boy died due to injuries he met after falling from a small wall in the lawn of the Sunny Park residential complex on July 23.

According to Kolkata Police Joint Commissioner (Crime) Visal Garg, going by the CCTV footages at the Sunny Park complex, circumstantial evidences and statements of several witnesses including those present at the birthday celebration, security guards and other witnesses, sleuths were of the opinion that there was no “conspiracy” behind Abesh’s death.

Speaking to reporters, Garg said “There is no conspiracy behind Abesh’s death. It was not pre-planned and the boy died primarily because of the injuries he met after falling down from a small wall, which he tried to scale to take a short cut to the lawn from the parking lot of the Sunny Park complex where his other friends were present.”

CCTV footage of the place showed people were consuming liquor sitting in a scattered manner at the lawn of the complex, he said. Footage also showed Abesh holding a bottle in his left hand and walking in an imbalance manner on the ramp while coming out of the parking lot.