Anushka to return as a producer in “Cannada”


Mumbai: If reports are to be true, then ‘NH10’ actor Anushka Sharma will be producing a film again. Anushka has allegedly replaced Abhay Deol as producer for Navdeep Singh’s upcoming film, ‘Cannada’.

However, Navdeep is hoping Sharma to step in as lead actress in the film. As he feels, Anushka having a Punjabi background can don the strong female character in the film. Anushka has not yet given a nod to act in the film, but confirmed that she will produce the film. This will be her second production venture.anushka

‘Cannada’ is a ‘gangster drama’ which encircled around a Punjabi family and will be set in Canada. Giving extra stress on ‘n’ in the spelling of ‘Cannada’, the director explains it is the way how Punjabi flock pronounces. It will be Singh and Sharma’s second production venture together as they had first joined hands for ’NH10’.