Anupam joins in the protest at Viswabharati


Bolpur: Anupam Hazra is likely to associate himself with the ongoing protest at Viswabharati on Thursday. The protests have been carried on at the campus for the last two days.

Anupam Hazra claimed that he is pro-protest and would raise his voice against the VC. He even said that the VC would have talked with the students and come to a mutual stance.The students have asked the VC to resign. In tune with ‘Hokkolorob’, the students have taken a stern point to carry on their protest until the VC of Viswabharati sits in the office.

As a result of this, the normal flow of action is hampered in the campus. The student have even threatened to continue their protest and disrupt the normal proceedings of the university till any action is taken in their favour.