Anubrata’s Khol-Kartal To Counter BJP’s Rath Yatra


Bolpur: Much before BJP’s Rath Yatra, the TMC is ready with Khol-Kartal (musical instruments). These instruments will be handed over to the ‘kirtan’ artists of Birbhum from Wednesday onwards.

The Birbhum district’s ‘kirtan’ artists will be given 4000 khols and 8000 kartals. This programme has already been announced by Anubrata Mondal. The instruments will be distributed at the district’s 19 blocks. A major programme has been organised on Wednesday at Bolpur dak-banglow by the TMC where Mondal will himself distribute the musical instruments.

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Few days ago, district president Anubrata Mondal had announced that the artist team will be given ‘khol-kartal’ by the party. So, khol has been brought from Nadia’s Nabadwip and kartal from Murshidabad’s Khagra. Before this, several programmes like Bhahmin sammelan, Adivasi sammelan or Rajput sammelan were held by the Birbum’s district TMC. In Bolpur’s Brahmin sammelan, the priests were given Gita, Namabali and picture of Swami Vivekananda. Apart from this, a good meal was also served.

According to TMC sources, one ‘khol’ costs Rs 4,000 and a pair of ‘kartal’ costs Rs 500. Birbhum TMC has already spent Rs 2 crore on purchasing khol-kartals.

BJP district president Ramkrishna Roy said, “This is not a government initiative. I have heard that district TMC is spending Rs 2 crore for distributing khol-kartal. What is the origin of this Rs 2 crore? The common people can understand everything. There is nothing else to be said.”