Anubrata Urged Supporters To Steal Votes


Suri: TMC Leader Anubrata Mondal who is famous for his marvelous and controversial speech and that’s why he is always in limelight. Recently Birbhum district president Anubrata Mondal urged TMC supporters to steal the votes.

Anubrata Mondal said that, ‘We have given development. So why the number of votes will be reduced? After this, Birbhum District President advised party workers to steal the votes. He said that the CPM had been in power for so long to steal the votes. Can not you?
He warned the party workers, ‘Now the Dada’s police brigade and the military will come. But do not be afraid. As well as serve food to your guests, you will also feed the military at your home. ‘

This comment naturally increased the political heat. In response to this comment, the CPI (M) demanded that the people are not with TMC. So now it is recommended to steal the vote.

On the other hand, BJP state president Dilip Ghosh, said that Anubrata is not able to win himself, so he is asking to steal votes. On this day, Anubrata Mondal talked about stealing votes from the party’s rally in Suri.