Anubrata Threatens To File Case Against Central Forces


Bankura: TMC leader Anubrata Mandal threatened to file case against the central forces who served the duty in the election during the voting season. The President of Birbhum district Trinamool congress said after facing the fifth round of elections on Monday.

In the next phase of elections, the ballot will be held in two centers of Bankura district. For the conduct of the polling in that district, there has been additional responsibility given by the Trinamool for the development of the constituency to Anubrata Mondal.

After the meeting, he said, “Central forces should stay outside the booth. Working outside is their jurisdiction. They can not do anything. I will file a lawsuit against them. “The allegation against the central jawans are nothing new. Earlier, the TMC alleged that the central forces were working with BJP.

In the fifth phase, voting was held in seven seats in three districts of the state. The Trinamool President is sure about their winning. In his words, “We won seven.” The grassroots candidates of 42 seats in the state will also win. In the words of the veteran, “TMC will get 42 seats in Bengal, it is 100 percent sure.”

Earlier, office of the West Bengal Chief Electoral Officer issued an order saying Anubrata Mondal, Birbhum district president of the Trinamool Congress, kept under surveillance during polling and would not have access to his mobile phone.