Anubrata Sure Nadia Will Go Green In Upcoming Elections

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Kolkata: Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee tried to infuse fresh blood in to party’s Nadia organization when she inducted Birbhum district president Anubrata Mandal to revive party prospects in the ensuing Lok Sabha elections. Before the party’s brigade rally, he will take classes of TMC memebers of the Nadia district.

Trinamool has already two minders for Nadia district – Partha Chatterjee and Subhendu Adhikary. Nevertheless, the poor show of the party in the panchayat elections prompted the Trinamul supremo to reinforce the party organization. At the same time, the inclusion of Anubrata clearly indicates that she has little faith on the existing leadership of the party in the district.

Internal complexity of the party in Nadia increased day by day. TMC concern with two centers of Krishnanagar and Ranaghat in the Lok Sabha elections. The ‘One and Only’ of Trinamool, in Birbhum, itself has told Kolkata24x7 that he will go there on January 14.

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Anubrata said that n”We will win by the huge margin in Nadia.” Therefore, using his Vokal Tonik, he wants to make the Nadia fir in politics. “I have asked all the leaders in Tehatta block to attend the meeting as a new beginning. I will talk to them and gradually meet party activists in other areas too. The district has a strong prospect which I would try to ensure. This is a challenging job to me and I have accepted it only because my Didi has assigned it to me”, said Anubrata Mandal.

“I will party workers in Tehatta on January 14. After meeting the party leaders and activists at the panchayat and block levels, I will begin interaction with those ones who live and work in town and Municipality areas”, added Mandal before leaving for Bolpur.