Anubrata Promises Blue-White ‘Khol & Kartal’ For Kirtaniya


Suri: Trinamool Congress Birbhum president Anubrata Mondal has decided to distribute shell and cymbal (Khol &Kartal) to the local kirtaniya after his minority sammenlan, Bhraman sammelan and adivasi sammelan. Already 6000 pieces have been ordered for the local artists.

The shell & Cymbals will be in blue-white combination. He is known for his widespread involvement with people. Now he is present with new attraction of shell and cymbals. As per the source, in a recent programme in Bolpur he announced that Kirtaniyas of Birbhum will be given shell and cymbals. Though BJP has taken the whole thing as a political conspiracy.

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The district BJP said that it is plan cut off BJP’s vote bank. Though it would not be so fruitful. Birbhm district savadhipati Bikash RoyChowdhury said, “We thank Anubrata for such decision. Shortly each Kirtaniya will get two pairs of Shell and two pairs of cymbals.”