Anubrata Mondal Offers Prayers At Tarapith

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Siuri: Trinamool district president Anubrata Mondal of Birbhum offered prayers at
Tarapith on the occasion of Kaushiki Amavasya on Sunday. He was accompanied by
Tarapith’s development board chairman Ashish Banerjee.

Anubrata gave a benarasi saree, seven types of fruits, sweets, all offerings needed
for puja, sindoor (vermillion) to offer at Ma Tara’s feet, flower necklase of red-
coloured hibiscus.

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Anubrata offered the benarasi saree to Goddess Tara with his own hands. He was
present at the of jagya after the puja. After the puja, he offered prasad to the
followers present there with his own hands.

Anubrata said, “I offered to prayers to Ma. One is my personal puja. The second is
for the common people.” He said that he asked for the welfare of all the people from the goddess.