Anubrata Mandal Flexes Muscle, Defies EC


Bolpur: TMC’s Birbhum president Anubrata Mandal was seen in the polling booth on Sunday casting his vote, with the party logo, openly being flaunted. He has been under the surveillance of the central forces, as per the norms, set by the Election Commission since Saturday. Questions have been raised that how is it possible because it is not allowed to carry the party flag in the polling booths. Moreover, the presiding officer even did not raise any protest.

 Anubrata informed, today, in the morning that he will not go anywhere leaving his party office. As the day proceeded, he went to cast his vote along with his daughter. The dress that he wore during his campaigning and which bears the party’s logo, wore it for casting his vote, today.

He has been accused of breaking the rules and code of conduct of the Election Commission. The commission has asked the concerned presiding officer to send a report regarding the issue. Anubrata Mandal has said that this was a mistake that he has committed and questioned about the presiding officer’s responsibility. He termed the videos circulating, of his vote while carrying the party logo, as an old video.  Later on, in the day, he has completely denied wearing the party logo to the polling booth.

The election commission decided to put his actions under 24×7 surveillance, after receiving innumerable complaints against him from the opposition, since Saturday. He will be under supervision until the election ends.